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The Korean Herald Of His Coming
Victorious Life

Internet Edition

Prepare your hearts for the Lord, and serve Him only--1 Samuel 7:3

January/Febrary 2022 Issue 

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Having An Encounter With God


By Henry Blackaby

Draw Near To God And He Will Draw Near To You

ϳ ϶ ׸ϸ Ͻø

By Rich Carmicheal

Encountering God Through His Word


By A. W. Tozer

Meditating On Gods Word

ϳ ϱ

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Gods Word Like A Fire

Ұ ϳ

The Hidden Word


By C. H. Brown

A Precious Treasure

By Thomas Brooks

Read Your Bible Daily


The Morning Hour With God

ϳ԰ Բϴ ħ ð

By Andrew Murray

Deliverance From Prayerlessness

⵵ κ

By Andrew Murray

Victory Obtained

ȹؼ ¸

By Andrew Murray

A Life Of Constant Growth

By Ruth Paxson

The Hunger Of The Wilderness


By A. W. Tozer


A Prayer For Revival

By J. C. Ryle

The True Church


By J. C. Ryle

Impacting Generations


By Henry Blackaby

Seek God Early

ϳ ã

By E. M. Bounds

Trusting God In All Circumstances (Part 3)

Ȳ ϳ ŷ(3)

Making Diligent Search


By Lois J. Stucky

Workers With God

ϳ԰ Բ ϴ ϲ

By David Tryon

News And Prayer Briefs

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