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The Korean Herald Of His Coming
Victorious Life

Internet Edition

Prepare your hearts for the Lord, and serve Him only--1 Samuel 7:3

May/June 2021 Issue 

ڷγ19 ̷ 9 10 췲 ޽ ϳ մϴ. ͵DZ⸦ Ҹմϴ. ظ ϸ Ⱓ ⵵ ûմϴ. ִ ȣ ֽð ֽñ⸦ ⵵ մϴ.



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Love At Its Utmost

ּ ؼ ϶

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Abound In Love


By Rich Carmicheal

Love The More Excellent Way

- پ

By Alexander Strauch

The Love Of God


By Arthur W. Pink

I Know Nothing Of Calvary Love

ڰ ܿ ƴ

By Amy Carmichael

The Love Of The Spirit-Filled Person

By Wesley L. Duewel

Pray For Love


By Andrew Murray

Are We Overcoming Or Covering Over?

츮 غϰ ִ ƴϸ ϰ ̴ ΰ?

The First Fruit Of The Spirit


By Charles H. Spurgeon

Love The Greatest Of Graces


By J. C. Ryle

The Love Of Christ Constraineth Us

츮 Ͻ ׸

By W. C. Moore

Watch Thou In All Things

Ż翡 ־ ִ

By Horatius Bonar

Real Love

By R. A. Torrey

Looking For The Lord Himself

ִ ڽ ٶ󺸶

By A. E. C. Woods

Teaching Children To Love God And Others

ϳ԰ ̿ ϵ ڳฦ ġ

By Kim Butts

Families Are To Reflect The Glory Of Jesus

̶ ϱ Ѵ

By Dave Butts

Servant Unto All

̵ ܶ

By Sabine Ball

Our Service A Love Offering To God

-ϳԲ 帮

By Lois J. Stucky

Called To Tell The World of Gods Love

ϳ ϴ

By Andrew Murray

News And Prayer Briefs

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