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The Korean Herald Of His Coming
Victorious Life

Internet Edition

Prepare your hearts for the Lord, and serve Him only--1 Samuel 7:3

March/April 2021 Issue 

ڷγ19 ̷ 9 10 췲 ޽ ϳ մϴ. ͵DZ⸦ Ҹմϴ. ظ ϸ Ⱓ ⵵ ûմϴ. ִ ȣ ֽð ֽñ⸦ ⵵մϴ.


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Christ Is The Only Hope For The World

׸ ̴

By Fred D. Jarvis

See That You Be Not Troubled

װ ٽɰ ˶

By W. C. Moore

Focusing On Christ

׸ ϱ

By Rich Carmicheal

Clouds Of Gloom, Clouds Of Glory

ٽɰ ̸ ִ Ҵ´

By Lois J. Stucky

Jesus Christ Himself The Essence Of His Own Work

׸ - ׺ Ͻ 翪

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Jesus Christ Himself The Substance Of The Gospel

׸ - ׺ Ͻ

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Jesus Christ Himself The Source Of Our Joy

׸ - ׺ Ͻ õ

By Charles H. Spurgeon

Looking Unto Jesus

By Theodore Monod

How Firm A Foundation

󸶳 ߰ ݼ̽Ű!

Jesus, The Wonderful

, ο ̸̿!

By R. A. Torrey

Christ Is Our Example And Our Life

׸ 츮 ̽ð ̽

By Adolph Saphir

That I May Know Him

׺ ƴ ̴̰

By George Müller

Made For Thyself, O God

ϳ, ϼҼ

By Frances Ridley Havergal

Seeing Jesus As The End


By Roy & Revel Hession

Faith And Hope In Christ

׸ ȿ

By J. C. Ryle

The Power Of Faith In Christ

׸ ȿ ִ ɷ

By Alexander Maclaren

Biblical Prayers For Lost Loved Ones

̵ ⵵ϱ

By Kim Butts

If Ye Ask I Will Do

װ ϸ ݵ ϸ

By Louisa Vaughan

Days Of Prayer And Fasting For Herald International

췲 ݽı⵵ ϴ

News And Prayer Briefs

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