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The Korean Herald Of His Coming
Victorious Life

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Prepare your hearts for the Lord, and serve Him only--1 Samuel 7:3

January/February 2021 Issue 

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The All-Sufficiency Of Christ

׸ ɷ

By F. B. Meyer


The Lords Comfort And Strength For Life And Ministry

ȸ ִ ο

By Rich Carmicheal


Your Almighty Friend

By Octavius Winslow


Divine Strength For Life And Service

縦 ŷ

By Alexander MacLaren


Pray For Revival

ž ⵵϶

By F. B. Meyer


Are You A Labourer In The Harvest Field?

߼ ϲΰ?

By David Lindsey


Maranatha! Glad Day!

ֿ Ҽ! ̿!

By A. W. Tozer


Our Resources For The Year To Come

ϴ õ

By A. W. Tozer


Faith Linked To Omnipotence


By J. Stuart Holden


Waiting Upon God

ϳ 췯 ٸ

By John Wright Follette


Prayers From The Pit

Ͽ ⵵ϴ

By Kim Butts


Time To Persist


By Dave Butts


The Everlasting Arms


By Charles H. Spurgeon


Bruises And Blessings

óڱ ູ

By Albert Moore


Live All-Out For God


By Lois J. Stucky


Increased Prayer For Missions

⵵ ϶

By Octavius Winslow

Heart-Cry For Revival Conference 2021

2021 ۷

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